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Print Quotas

Registered UCR students receive a print quota of 300 pages per quarter.


Black and white printing is available in the Sproul, Statistics and Watkins computer labs. Color printing is only for photo projects and is available in Arts 311.


  1. Every registered student receives a print quota of 300 pages per quarter..
  2. Students may not use their own printing materials in lab printers. This includes paper, transparencies, and toner.
  3. Printing is prohibited while class is in session with the exception of printing required for the class in session.
  4. Submit print jobs no less than 30 minutes before lab closing time and start time of classes.
  5. Run the spell check and print preview functions before printing.
  6. Whenever possible, refrain from printing lightly colored text on a dark background and graphics.
  7. When printing Power Point slides, please print 4 or 6 slides to a sheet.
  8. When printing PDF files and other non-PowerPoint class notes, please print 2 pages per sheet of paper.

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